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Six Months Later

Six Months Later

My sweet Phoebe got her headstone today. On Saturday it will have been six months since I last held her in my arms.


I don’t even have the words to communicate what it feels like to see your little girls name and dates on a grave stone.

These profound and deepening levels of grief never cease to amaze me as God’s grace to bear it never ends.

Although it is a beautiful memorial to her short life on earth. I am so grateful for the assurence that Phoebe is not under that stone, but living life to the fullest.







The first week of last October we said goodbye to our Phoebe Lucille. I can still see her sweet, chubby little feet in those pink, sparkly sandals. The first week of this October, we will welcome baby Fair #5 into our family. Will it be a girl? I don’t know, I just used some of Phoebe’s baby doll shoes for the photo 🙂 This might be the only authentic “We’re expecting!” message you read today on April Fools…but I assure you, it’s no joke. Looking forward to what’s ahead for our family.

~ Amey