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This is what we’ve been up to…..

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Phoebe is wonderful! We have been very busy as you can see, doing all of the things we love and have missed dearly while Phoebe was in treatment. Nathan has been working on our vision statement and timeline for the 3rd world agriculture training program we are developing and I have been busy with home schooling and working in the garden. We just returned home from our YWAM annual staff conference in Grapevine and we had a great time. The boys attended kid classes while Nathan and I enjoyed a weekend of good teaching and fellowship with our fellow YWAM’ers.

Phoebe had an Oncology check-up and an endocrine appointment last week and everyone was very pleased with her progress. Her hair is so sweet and fuzzy, like a little baby-head I just can’t kiss enough. She has stopped eating during the night which is an answered prayer and she seems to be sleeping better the majority of the time. Weaning her from the ng tube and teaching her how to drink despite her lack of a thirst mechanism is a work in progress. Ben and Averic both have birthdays coming up next month and then we head to Florida at the end of June for a Lighthouse Retreat for pediatric cancer families. It is so freeing to be able to travel again and make plans without worrying about Phoebe’s condition. I will never take that for granted again.

Thank you all for continuing to pray for and think of our family. We are in a nice season and enjoying living again outside the walls of the hospital.

Love, Amey