Monthly Archives: May 2014


Been feeling quiet these past several weeks. Grief is an unpredictable journey and I suppose I’ve been hibernating in a sense, learning to live with my loss. Coming to write about my feelings opens the dam of emotions and I don’t always have the luxury of allowing that to happen while still trying to maintain a ‘normal’ life for my boys. Compartmentalization is very helpful in this regard, but I do find that every 3 or 4 days my grief demands my full attention and I have to allow myself to feel the pain in it’s entirety. I loathe those times, but feel so much better afterward. Thank you to those of you who still pray for our family and think of us and our sweet Phoebe girl. I am 21 weeks pregnant with this new little one (waiting to be surprised by the gender) and feeling those sweet kicks in my belly each day renews in me a sense of joy.