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  1. That little foot looks sooooooo good. The way that Phoebe is bouncing back is a miracle. May god bless you and keep you. A

  2. Praise God that Phoebe is healing so well. I pray that she continues to progress in a healthy way. I pray that Amey gets to feeling better and everyone else stays healthy.

    In her moments of silence, remember that God is working diligently on her.

    Psalm 46:10 keeps playing over and over in my mind today…..”He says, Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” I pray that we all take time every day to be still and watch how powerful God is.

  3. So wonderful to hear that Phoebe is doing better. I loved seeing the sweet pics and will continue to cover her and your family in prayer as she progresses.
    …”but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31.

  4. Amey,

    Thank you for sharing the powerful testimony of what God is doing your daughter Phoebe’s life! I’m so thankful to be able share in your sufferings and to labor in prayer on your family behalf! Every time I read Phoebe’s daily reports I’m literary in tears with a welling up of joy inside to see the Miracle God is doing through her life! I pray that the lord will continue to comfort you and your family during these trying times.

    Luke 1:37(NCV) For God can do anything!

  5. We became aware of your battle through Austin Smith and have followed the updates. We are very acquainted with YWAM in Lindale our son went through training there. We are acquainted with warfare and the enemy but more importantly is the leader of the army of God. We take our authority and command the enemy of cancer to bow to our victorious healer – Jesus Christ! We stand on the promises of THE WORD that no weapon formed against Phoebe will prosper and when she must take deadly poison it will not harm her. We pray for each request we see posted. We stand in the battle with you and we await the shout of VICTORY. Blessings to you, Bobby and Cheryl Davidson

  6. Hi Amey: I recently have had the pleasure to meet and talk with Cindy via emails. She directed me to Phoebe’s story and I have been reading for hours. Through these battles we are able to gain so much trust in The Lord and His plans and purposes for this. “So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”
    Please know that my heart and spirit are with you all. Prayers for miracles, signs and wonders to follow Phoebe and her days ahead. An outpour of strength, wisdom, grace and guidance for you all to believe in the greatness of His love.
    In my own personal tragedies this past year…the greatness of God has been revealed to me in so many wonderful ways. I pray the same for you and your family. That the blessings seen and unseen will comfort you through this battle. From my heart to yours…we’ll be praying. Cynthia…from Las Vegas.

  7. Amey, I can’t even imagine how your life has turned upside down. God does have a plan in all this! I continue to pray for you and your family. My brother’s personality has changed to through all his treatments for lung cancer. He gets agitated very easily. I am sure it is due to the steroids. I am sure Phoebe’s change is more dramatic. Some days I just think I hate stinkin’ cancer. You are right it steals, controls your life and causes anxiety daily! Even though you feel like you are not doing missions anymore and are so far from everything you trained for you continue to show your love of the Lord through your journal. You are such an inspiration to so many people and such a testimony of God’s love for us! Your journal touches more people then you can imagine. Thank you for sharing your heart and Sophie’s fight! So many people that never met you love your little girl and your family! I just ask the Lord right now to give you peace and understanding. I will also pray that God calms Phoebe and becomes more like your little sunshine again. I am sure she doesn’t know how to feel anymore-she has had so much happen to her in such a short time! I also will pray for strength for the whole family and for the upcoming harsh chemo. Take care Amey and know that many people love you and are praying for you!

  8. I have recently begun reading your blog. I so much appreciate the honesty in your words. My daughter Grace was diagnosed with an inoperable low grade brainstem glioma in 2008 when she was six. My family has claimed the verse Jeremiah 29:11 over her and I want you to know I will be praying it over Phoebe also. You are an inspiration to me and reading your blog has made me feel a little less alone on this long uncertain journey! I pray the Holy Spirit will fill you with a peace that passes all understanding.

  9. So glad to hear things are getting better, Phoebe getting out of the hospital, Amey and the boys getting well, and grandma’s there to help Dad get some rest! God is so good! He loves this family so much. I pray everything falls into place buying this house if it is God’s will, and it sounds like it is. God did that for us in Mexico, we got a house where there was no way we could afford, but it all just fell into place, and someone came to our condo and asked to see it, had heard we may be thinking of selling,and bought it. We have been so blessed to be able to share our home with others.

  10. Amey, what can I say. My heart is always with you and your family. You’ve become such a strong lady, but I remember you best running and laughing through out our house as you and Robin spent those important growing up together. I admire you for strength and courage throughout these many months. God made you the way you are, knowing that one he would he would lean on you in a heaven way and ask for your understanding. Today his arms are around you,Phoebe and your family. Understand , accept and forgive . For Phoebe will always be you and your family’s guiding light, for sometime in the future you will all be together. Give Phoebe a hug from all of us and know that we are sending our hugs to you. All our love, Terry Garcia

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