The highs are really high and the lows are really low; Phoebe is being admitted back to the oncology floor today. Four fevers in a row, vomiting and lethargy are enough to know that something’s not right. We are feeling pretty sad that she is gone again as quick as she came.


Highs and Lows

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  1. So sorry she has to go back to the hospital so soon . . . but glad she got to spend a little time at home. Praying hard that this is just a temporary set back and that she’ll rally back right away.

  2. Praying…for Phoebe and her family! So, so sorry that this weekend didn’t get to play out as you had hoped.

  3. I am adam harvey’s friend from high school. I feel like i need to pray earnestly for your daughter phoebe. My church will also be praying for you. I will start with praying psalm 91 over her everday until the Lord tells me different. I want you to tell specifics on her progress and failures. Also your needs as a family can be met…i need to know those too. You can count on me a fellow follower of Christ to fight this war with my sword held high!! Let me be your family’s aaron and hurlike they to moses in exodus 17:12…when you r tired and weary us fellow christians will hold your hands up for you! Praying for phoebe and family. De Anne

  4. Amey & Nathan, you have captured wonderful memories in the time she was home even if more quickly than you would like. Praying she gets immediate recovery from the fevers and the sickness! She is amazing and so are you!
    Dear Lord, Please put your comforting arms around the family as the struggle with an early return to the hospital, especially her 3 brothers, as they are younger and this may at times still be so much for them. Lord heal Phoebe of her fevers and help her to feel better soon so that she can perhaps return back home again soon for a visit! Amen

  5. Praying that this isn’t the methotrexate talking. I love that you got to spend some time with her at home, but I am sad that it wasn’t longer. Praying that she gets to make it home between rounds again — and for a much longer period of time.

    I picked Gavin up from Sunday School today and his teacher told me that he asked that they pray for Phoebe. 🙂 He knows the power of prayer. And he’s cheering hard for Phoebe! We all are.

    Lots of prayers for the whole Fair crew tonight.

    Much love,
    Stacie Smith

  6. I’m praying for wisdom to get her back on track quickly and wisdom to determine if the Methotrexate is not good for her. Also for rest and peace for all of you! God Bless each and every one!

  7. I will remember Phoebe in my prayers. Keep believing she is in good hands – God’s hands, God’s arms through all of this.

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