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Spent the day in Dallas. Phoebe had an appointment and had to get fluids and IV antibiotics for her UTI. This is the same medicine that damaged her kidneys in January, but the only one that will be effective in knocking out the infection. We have some difficult decisions to make over the weekend..praying for guidance. She has had 2 great days in a row, and THAT is a gift



Phoebe Resting


We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and support everyone has shown to us these last 2 weeks. Phoebe is demonstrating some symptoms of her illness that make her easily irritated, sensitive to noise and light and give her the desire to sleep a lot. She was also diagnosed with a UTI today which causes frequent fevers. All of this makes it difficult to have company and also be there for Phoebe in the way that we need to. Please know that we will keep you posted about how she is doing, and please respect our need for quiet family time as we soak up our precious girl.

Thank you

Phoebe’s Birthday Celebration


Below is a link to a local NBC news report about Phoebe and her birthday:

Phoebe’s birthday party was more than I could have ever hoped for. It was so perfect and Phoebe soaked in every bit of love and attention. I have no idea how to begin to thank all the individuals from our church and local ministries that made this last minute birthday so special.










A Phoebelicious Celebration

On August 16, 2009 my most treasured girl made her entrance into our lives in a little birth center in Zapopan, Guadalajara-Mexico. Tomorrow we will celebrate her 4th birthday. From 3-6pm at our home we will have a come and go visit/party f…or Phoebelicious. If you want to come and wish her a happy birthday, please feel welcome. HOWEVER, if you are sick, or your children are sick, please refrain from coming to visit. We will have snacks and cake and fun stuff for kids. In lieu of gifts, we request that you donate to the ‘Cure AT/RT Now’ Research fund to support research for Phoebe’s type of cancer @ 

Home on Hospice Care


We are back at home, and Phoebe is feeling better and better. We have a couple of new pain meds on board for her head and back pain that seem to be working well so far. We are transferred over to hospice care now and they will meet our needs at home. Leaving the hospital today we traveled through a tunnel of tears as we shared hugs with the D6 nurses whom we have come to know and love and who love Phoebe. And then we said a tearful goodbye to Christy at the front desk and the pharmacy lady who always speaks Spanish and we drove away….