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We’re Still Here


We’re still here…Phoebe is still having severe diarhea, tummy pain and her bottom hurts quite a bit. We are giving her Ativan, Benadryl (to stop the itching) and Morphine to alleviate her discomfort but there is no real concensus as to what is causing these issues.

The Potassium seems like the obvious culprit to me, but I am told it shouldn’t cause this to this degree. The diarhea of course is messing with her fluid balance and sodium and electrolyte levels, so we are chasing sodiums and trying to keep her hydrated as best we can.

Her ANC is coming up slowly, and that’s good because it means that we should start to see some healing and recovery and hopefully her bowel issues will improve. Thank you for praying for our girl…


Phoebe snuggles with her Grammy


Latest Update


Phoebe is still having a rough go in the hospital. Yesterday there was a mix-up in her orders and her Hydrocortisone was dicontinued. Well, Phoebe is cortisol dependent and can not live without it, so by yesterday afternoon she was floppy, distant and fading. Her heart rate was accelerated and her sodium was very high and thank God they finally figured it out before she crashed. Needless to say it was a rough day.

Her body is still not absorbing Potassium which is most likely a kidney issue, and that could continue for weeks, or months, or years or just suddenly correct itself. I constantly have to remind myself that people can live with potassium supplements but they can not live with AT/RT. People can live with Diabetes Insipidus but they can not live with AT/RT…etc.etc. Chemotherapy is a double edged sword.

Right now she is receiving her second blood transfusion and yesterday she received platelets. Her ANC is 40 today which is still pretty low, but at least on the upswing. We will be here for a few more days until her counts recover and she is in better shape. Thank you all for continuing to pray.


Advanced Neutraphil Count


Phoebe was admited to the hospital today. She spiked a fever, had an elevated heart rate, and her labs showed that her ANC (Advanced Neutraphil Count) was nearly zero and her hemoglobin was at a 7. She received a blood transfusion and is beginning to perk up now and feel hungry. Thank you for praying today. She is not out of the woods yet, as we are waiting on blood cultures to test for infection since her fever maintained itself rather than quickly coming and going as do her central fevers. I will post more when we know more.

~ Amey

Phoebe’s Feelin’ Puny


Taking Phoebe in to the hospital this morning for severe stomach pain and quick, shallow breathing. Please pray that we get answers. Often times she has pain that never really gets addressed becaused there is no obvious reason for what’s causing it.

She has been on a steady dose of Ativan the past few days to ease her tummy, but I want to see her get some serious relief.

Thank you, Amey


Quick Update


I just wanted to stop in and post that Phoebe is doing okay. It has been a busy couple of weeks and I am wanting to post something more heartfelt about my grandfather, but time hasn’t allowed yet.

Phoebe is a little emotional and having stomach pain right now, most likely from one of her chemo medicines called Doxorubicen. She was up most of the night with pain and when I got up at 6:30 this morning, Nathan had her in the bathtub trying to soothe her. After a round of intrathecal (spinal) chemo and Doxorubicen, it is usually just a matter of days before Phoebe needs a blood transfusion and/or platelets. It just knocks her out.

Friday is Deacon’s birthday and I am praying that we are not in the hospital with her getting a transfusion. Thank you all for praying with us!