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  1. Praying for a peaceful, restful sleep for each of you. I pray also for supernatural healing of Phoebe’s physical pain – and for your broken hearts. Tom and I keep you in our hearts, and, of course, our prayers. We have each Many tears are being shed for my youngest cousin. We were hoping to drive over one day for a short visit and lots of hugs, and to see all you are doing to grow sustainable food, and teach people who will go to share God’s love in other countries. We would still like to visit IF there’s an appropriate time and you don’t mind.
    As Phoebe feels better, there may be a time. I will not be offended if you tell me you’d rather we don’t come at this time.
    I understand.
    My heart grieves for you guys.
    Carol & Tom

  2. More prayers going out to all of you. May He give you abundant comfort at this time. May He give Phoebe abundant love that has no end. In Jesus’ name . . . Amen

  3. Amey-

    Thinking of you this morning, and your precious baby girl. Please let me know if I can rally the troops to help you in anyway!

    Cheri Perry

    You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want. -Zig Ziglar

  4. Psalm 119:28 My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to Your word.
    I’m so sorry Fair family for your sorrow but I do pray for God to give you strength in the following days. I think everyone who knows of Phoebe is filled with sorrow, for we have grown to love her too, as well as her parents & brothers. My heart aches with all of you. Praying for you this day & everyday. Love & hugs, Elaine Sellers

  5. Dear Amey, Just wanted to let you know our whole group of prayer warriors from Mazatlan, Mexico are lifting Phoebe and your entire family to the Lord and thinking about you and your precious baby every day. We all feel she is our baby too! And your family is our family. My friend wanted to know how I knew you, and even though I never met you in person, I have been following your story since Phoebe had sepsis last year, and am friends with Mindy Nichols, so I feel like I know you all. We are storming the gates of heaven and asking for a miracle for our Phoebe!

  6. My heart is breaking as I pray for you guys. Praying for peace and no pain for sweet Phoebe. God Bless you all.

  7. Fair Family I started following Phoebe’s journey last week when another associate posted in on Facebook. I am praying for you all and have been asking since this past weekend for the Spirit to continue to give you all comfort and peace.

  8. Praying With Love in My Heart for Sweet Phoebe and your Loving Family, Know that There are Angels Watching over all of you ! Hugs, Love and Prayers precious Family ❤

  9. We love you all and have asked everyone we see to place Your precious phoebe in the arms of Jesus to love and take her pain away! Our heart is broken. We love you all !!!!

  10. To the family of precious Phoebe, my family does not personally know you, but Phoebe was put on our prayer list at Danville Christian Academy at the onset of her illness. My friends and I have followed your struggles and your praises all the while keeping phoebe and your family in our prayers. This past week when the results came back, we happen to be vacationing on a small island off Florida. The minister here and his wife are retired Brazilian missionaries and are truely people of God that shine their light in this sometime darkened world. They asked for prayer request and Phoebe was heavy on our hearts. We shared her story and through tears our small group lifted prayers to heaven for her and all of you. My grandfather often said that God hears all prayers but the prayers sent to him through the lips of children are extra special. So I want you to know my 14, 10, 4, and 3 year old Are praying fervently for your Phoebe. The first thing they ask in the morning is have you checked on phoebe, how is she? We are praying for your daughter, your family, her doctors and nurses. May God hold you, comfort you, and bless all of you. In His Service, Heidi and family

  11. Prayers for your precious Phoebe. May You all feel The love of Jesus during this time and His loving arms around you!! I cry with you, pray for you and send much love along with prayers!

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