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  1. Thank You God for the weight of glory You are preparing for this family. We weep with them now and will rejoice with them in eternity.

    Thank you Nathan & Amey for continuing to share. We think of you constantly and pray, and our thoughts always turn to eternity with Jesus, because of your testimony. I can’t imagine how much *your* love and worship moves the heart of God…

  2. This is sooooo beauitful. Thank you and praying that the GOD WHO SEES, meets you right in the midst of your pain and holds you close to HIS heart. Praising JESUS that you are searching HIM sweet family. We love you and are holding you up to the ALMIGHTY, for HE cares for you. In JESUS’ name. xoxo

  3. Thanks Amey for sharing. We continue to pray for you and your family. How precious you all are! God is glorified through your loss! Love you all.

  4. Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for this family, for their faith, and for their testimony to your faithfulness. Grant them comfort and peace in the midst of sorrow, and continue to abide with and in each of them through your Holy Spirit. Thank you, Lord, that they can look forward to the day when they, like precious Phoebe, will be covered in Heavenly clothing, as your word teaches. Thank you that for the confidence and guarantee through your Holy Spirit, that while Phoebe is absent from the body, she is rejoicing, running, singing, ever-present with her Lord and Savior. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Crying with you. Always following Christ for we all know that this HERE, our lives, this place called Earth is temporary. So We rest in peace in HIS arms where We can always find comfort and unconditional love. HE holds us, HE knows us, HE never will abondon us.

  6. There is no one day that passes by that I think of your family and the pain you are experiencing. I can’t imagine going through something this painful. But because of this, I’m able to see The Lord’s hand and love towards your family… It’s hard to explain but ever since I came across your story, I find myself praying more and following Christ even more than before. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Please continue to do so. God is with you, Nathan and the boys!

  7. Amazing journey… I have been reading for 2 days from the beginning of this journey that you have endured, that Phoebe endured. Crying with you, rejoicing with you, hoping with you, mourning for you, hearing God speak to me all along the way. You have ministered to me for 2 days through Phoebe’s fight for her life. It’s not meaningless Amey. I hope you find peace in that, although I’m not sure I would. It’s amazing to me how God can connect hearts through strangers. Then again He is God and we are not strangers in Him. I love you and your family. I pray I keep the spiritual imprint you have given me close to my heart forever. You will always be in my mind and heart, my strong sister and I can’t wait to meet you and precious Phoebe in glorious Heaven one day.

  8. Thank you. My family is struggling as my 3 year old nephew is fighting for his life. Your sharing is deeply appreciated. Praying for you.

  9. Amey,
    Bailey and I love this video as well, it is so comforting. We were so devistated to hear about your sweet Pheobe, we both pray for you and your family daily.

    Don’t lose heart

    Kensley’s mommy and daddy

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