Beautiful Day


Today was a beautiful day and I enjoyed being outside of the hospital walls. Our friend Bere, who was on staff with us at YWAM Guadalajara is here visiting and we enjoyed catching up over coffee this morning. We spent the rest of the morning in lawn chairs outside watching the boys play a mean game of wiffle ball and waving to neighbors as they walked by. Everyone was outside today.

As much as I miss the farm, one of the nice things about living in a neighborhood is neighbors. They walk by with their dogs and stop to chat, some have brought food and invited our boys to play, others have even prayed with us in our driveway. Today we had a yard full of neighborhood kids jumping on our trampoline and playing baseball with the boys and it was wonderful. The boys have made good friends with a family one house over who also has 4 children matched closely in age with ours. On Thursday we will go see them perform in a play about the stations of the cross in preparation for Easter and the boys are really looking forward to that. This afternoon, as I watched their 2 year old daughter jump on the trampoline I longed desperately for Phoebe to be there with her, jumping, having fun, living life. Right now it’s hard to imagine that she was ever able to do things like that.

They are still playing catch up with Phoebe’s hydration and sodium. Her Diabetes Insipidus complicates so many things and I am constantly reminded of how incredibly intricate God’s design of the human body is. If your teeny little pituitary gland doesn’t work right, everything is out of whack; kidney function, your hormones, thyroid doesn’t work anymore, you won’t grow. If your kidneys don’t get the message to hang on to fluid via the pituitary glan, your body just dumps fluids and your salt gets all crazy and that messes with your mental status and your digestion and can give you a stroke or send you into a seizure. I really had no idea before all of this, how many things have to go perfectly in my body each day to make it function the way it does. It really is a miracle that all those things happen each day without us even thinking about them. The genius behind the human body is a testament to an inteligent designer. God’s creation is amazing.

Phoebe had an exciting day and got to ride in the wagon to the playroom. She also got a visit from her Grandad and got to sleep on him for a couple of hours which I know was special for them both. Her breathing is still labored and she still pushes her voice out when she breathes whuch they are concerned about. They tested her blood gas today and it came back fine, so we know she is oxygenating well, she’s just labored in her breathing in a way she shouldn’t be this far out from intubation. Please pray her breathing will regulate and that her sodium and dehydration issues will get in order. These two things will keep us from being released to come home.

Thank you all for praying for our girl ~ Amey

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  1. The little thing sure get big when we no longer take them for granted- all the bodily functions, a nap on Granddad’s chest, a wagon ride, a cup of coffee with a friend- love your post today and smiling at the thought of a glimpse of normalcy for you!

    Love from the Great State of Washington!

    Cheri Perry

  2. Praying every day for total healing. Lord please heal every part of Phoebe. Allow her lungs to strengthen and her breathing to be normal. Completely heal her pituitary gland so that many of these issues can be resolved. Allow her to leave the hospital for good being totally healed! Amen!

  3. Praying for your sweet girl, that she continues to improve and that you get to bring her home sometime soon. Praying for you both and for your boys, as you handle the day to day struggles of Phoebe’s illness. May God bless you and keep you, may He make his face to shine upon you all, and give you peace. God Bless,

    C.O.L.E. Prayer Team –
    Debby Mooney, St. .Louis MO

  4. Amey,
    Wow! a message from little Phoebe. So utterly sweet and touching to my heart. She is so precious, I cannot imagine how hard this is for you all at times. Yet, somehow thru this all, God is more than a conqueror, and nothing, nothing, nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  5. Hi Amey,

    I came across your blog when a friend linked to it on Facebook. I’m in an organization at the University of Texas at Austin called the LIVESTRONG Texas 4000. Every summer we ride our bicycles from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK to raise money for cancer research, and I will ride summer 2013. We have weekly meetings, and are able to talk about stories and people that have resonated with us in the past week. I just wanted you to know that I ride for Phoebe this week, and I will continue to dedicate my ride to her for the next year and a half. We are praying for her and thinking about her.

    Hilary Hazel

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